Urban Gardening for Beginners

Urban gardening has existed for as long as big cities have existed, but it''s just now becoming a big trend in home improvement and gardening. A lot of people are asking "What is urban gardening?" It''s essentially gardening in a city. If you have wanted to start a garden in an urban environment, then follow this guide for beginners.

Buy Containers & Soil

Containers and soil are two of the most important things you will need. It doesn''t matter if you want to grow food or flowers. A variety of containers and organic soil will help your plants flourish in a city environment. If you want to be more green, then use upcycled containers or go to a thrift store for them.

Find A Sunny Spot

Whether you live in an urban home or apartment complex, you will need to find a sunny spot. You can go for indoors or outdoors. If your home doesn''t get a lot of sun, then choose plants that need fewer hours of sunlight per day. Herbs are great for indoor gardening.

Consider The Rooftop

If you live in an apartment complex, ask your building manager if you can garden on the rooftop. Rooftop gardens are becoming more popular. You can grow enough food to feed your family and other families on a rooftop. Once you get permission, start designing beds for the plants or stick with containers. Ask your neighbors to get involved too.

Rooftop gardens are what people think of when they ask "What is urban gardening?"

Choose Your Plants

You want to choose plants that are easy to grow in your area. Herb gardens do fairly well in a lot of different environments. Flowers can make a concrete jungle look alive and a little prettier. Tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries and zucchinis grow exceptionally well in containers.

What Is Urban Gardening To You?

The urban-gardening movement is an important one. It may become the normal way to garden in the near future as more cities grow and become urbanized. Now is the time to educate yourself on growing food in big cities without a backyard. You can learn a lot about yourself and your environment by starting an urban-gardening project now.

Basic Tips To Get Started

  • Get plenty of containers
  • Choose easy-to-grow plants
  • Ask for rooftop privileges
  • Ask neighbors to get involved
  • Make sure you choose a spot with adequate light
  • Watch your garden grow!

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