How to Remove a Tree Stump

When trying to get your lawn and property in the best possible shape, the last thing you want is to have tree stumps dotting the landscape. Here are some tips for tree stump removal that eliminates those unsightly blemishes on your lawn or property.

Size Matters

The method used for tree stump removal depends upon where the stump is on the property and how big the stump is. Tree stump removal for stumps from small trees isn''t as difficult as the stump from a tree that has been in the ground for generations.

Dig it Up

If the tree cut from the stump was a fairly young tree with a small circumference, the stump will not be that large and the roots will not be deeply embedded into the ground. Tree stump removal for these smaller trees may be best with a shovel and effort. Dig down around the tree stump to expose the roots. Once these are exposed use an appropriate instrucment, an axe, saw or lopper, to sever the roots from the stump. Pull out the roots first. Then, with the assistance of a crowbar or shovel, pull out the stump.

Let it Rot

If the stump is not sticking up in the middle of the lawn, but off to one side or under bushes or by other trees where it is not very noticable, consider allowing it to decay naturally or with some help. Patience is the key to this method of removing the tree stump. As time decays the stump, which can take months or even years, it becomes easier to to remove. You can speed up decay by adding a commercial accelerant to holes specifically drilled in the stump for this purpose.

Burn it Out

A tree stump may be so dense as not to catch fire easily. Instead, place wood scraps around the stump and set them on fire. The fire needs to be watched closely so it will not get out of hand. It needs to be watched and maintained until the tree stump is reduced to ashes. Of course, this method is used only in acceptable areas and when drought is not an issue, since this would make fire a hazard.

Grind it Out

A stump grinder which has teeth that will grind a stump up to a foot below the surface is another way to remove the tree stump. The carbide teeth grinds up the wood as the grinder is applied to the surface. Safety precautions apply for using a stump grinder for tree stump removal. While this method does the job, for those not used to power equipment, a job such as this might be better handled by a professional lawn care service.


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