A Guide to Treatment for Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer is a nasty little pest that is currently devastating the population of ash trees in the United States. The emerald ash borer was first discovered in the US in 2007, and since that time it has rapidly spread. It has now been found in 19 states as well as Canada. This nasty little insect comes from Asia. It seems to hitch a ride on wood pallets and crates that are used to ship goods into the country, and it then spreads out to infect native trees after arrival.

Ash trees that are infected with the emerald ash borer quickly succumb to its devastating effects. The emerald ash borer deposits its larva in the tree’s vascular system, which is located just under the bark of the tree. The larva feeds on the vascular system of the tree, which devastates the trees ability to distribute nutrients.

Most ash trees that are infected with this voracious creature will be dead within five years of infestation. However, the trees may not show any signs of the infestation of the emerald ash borer until two years after they are first infested. Once they start to show signs of infestation, it is often too late to actually save the tree. This makes this infestation a very difficult one to treat for tree owners.

Treatment for Emerald Ash Borer

Because the infestation happens so quickly and devastatingly to ash trees, it is important for ash tree owners to take prophylactic measures to help their trees survive the viscous invasion by these pests. The key treatment for emerald ash borer is to use an insecticide that will kill any emerald ash borers that invade their trees.

The key is to make this treatment happen without fail every year. If an ash tree owner fails to apply the insecticide in an area that is known to be home to the emerald ash borer, then the chances are almost 100 percent that their ash tree will be infested with the pest that summer.

Homeowners can buy an insecticide that they apply themselves in the spring as a treatment for emerald ash borer. This insecticide is typically mixed with water and applied at the trees roots. The tree sucks up the insecticide into its vascular system, where it will kill any emerald ash borers who make the fatal mistake of trying to eat the tree.

There are also treatments where the insecticide is directly injected into the ash tree, but this treatment for emerald ash borer is best left to the professionals. Failing to apply this treatment correctly will not only fail to prevent infestation by the emerald ash borer, it can actually harm the tree.


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