Controlling Weeds with Organic Weed Killer and Natural Strategies

Every time spring comes, it brings a host of pesky weeds. You could procure chemical weed deterrent, but perhaps you dislike the thought of spraying potentially harmful chemicals around your home. Thankfully, there are other options to fight weeds. Below are some tips on how to create organic weed control and naturally control weeds:

Put down Weed Cloth

To prevent weeds, it is best to put down a weed cloth to block weeds and prevent sprouting. This one step will keep you from having to hand weed or spray pesticides. Although some weeds may occasionally get through the barrier, it will be greatly minimized and therefore easier to handle. Before placing the weed cloth in flowerbeds, first remove all the weeds you can by hand, and clear the ground of sticks, stones and other obstacles. After you have accomplished this, lay the cloth down and cover with bark. If you would rather not purchase weed cloth, you can use old newspapers instead. Newspapers biodegrade, so there is no harm to the environment when using that method.

Purchase Organic Herbicide

There are organic herbicides available in stores that will keep your yard free of weeds and are safe to use. The herbicides often contain natural byproducts of cornstarch such as corn gluten. This is a great option for weeds that come up around gardens and other places you really would like to avoid using harsh chemicals. It is best to apply herbicide early in the spring before weeds have a chance to germinate and establish themselves.

Install Physical Barriers

In addition to laying down some sort of weed barrier in your flowerbeds, it is also a good idea to place a barrier around the bed. Lawn edgings or retaining walls will keep unwanted weeds from entering your flower beds or yard. The physical barrier acts just like a fire-break creating a space between weeds and your lawn or flowers. An inexpensive barrier is easily created by using scraps of pressure treated wood cut into small pikes and hammering them into the ground close to each other to form a continuous edging.

Bully Them

For natural weed control, consider planting ground clover, garden crops or flowers in abundant amounts to compete with the weeds for sunlight, soil nutrients and water. This will reduce the amount of weeds that can thrive in the space. The same principle is true in regards to a lawn. Keeping a lush healthy lawn will discourage weed growth.


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