Advantages and Uses of Liquid Fertilizer

In order to get and maintain the greenest, most attractive lawn on your street, it's essential that you fertilize it properly. However, perfect fertilization isn't always easy to attain. There's a balance you have to strike in order to get the lawn you want. Grass needs important minerals like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other nutrients to grow and thrive.

Why Choose Liquid Fertilizer?

Generally speaking, there's not necessarily a huge difference between liquid and solid fertilizers other than their state of matter. They're often the same exact substances and minerals, only dissolved in water or another liquid. However, there are some advantages to liquid fertilizer.

Liquid lawn fertilizer can be applied more directly and effectively than solid fertilizer, as long as it's applied correctly. Since it's already fluid, it can soak right into soil for immediate absorption by roots. This means if you spray a certain area of grass, you can be reasonably certain that that grass is getting most of those nutrients. Since the chemicals are diluted, there's less of a chance of overexposure which can harm or kill grass. Liquid fertilizer shows immediate results, often within just a few days.

On the other hand, solid fertilizer will linger in an area for a while longer. It slowly dissolves into soil, giving it a longer-term effect. This means that you won't have to fertilize quite as frequently. The downside is that the fertilizer can get dispersed by the elements and might not get fully used by the targeted grass.

Using Liquid Fertilizer

Typically, you'll purchase a concentrated fertilizer in either liquid or solid form and be responsible for mixing and diluting it yourself. This usually isn't too difficult as long as you carefully follow directions. Be sure to do some research on which fertilizers work best for your grass.

There are many liquid fertilizer application tools. They often involve either a water hose attachment or pump-pressurized container that you can use to spray the nutrients.

Whenever you deal with concentrated chemicals, always treat them with the utmost care. If you're preparing a liquid fertilizer, especially under pressure, consider using gloves and eye protection and avoid getting it on your skin.

Getting Help with Liquid Fertilizer for Lawns

Calculating and concocting the perfect blend of liquid fertilizer can be difficult for the untrained hand. It can also be quite expensive, especially if you're not applying it in the most efficient manner. If you need to fertilize your lawn, but you're not sure how to do it perfectly, don't hesitate to contact a lawn care professional for help. They know the needs of grasses and soils in your area and will be able to save you all that hassle and money.


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