Choosing the Right Lawn Fertilizer

Good fertilization practices and products are essential for maintaining that rich, lush lawn. To take good care of your lawn and ensure that it remains green, you need to take the following measures:
Improve the soil

  • Be careful with the pesticides and herbicides
  • Fertilize the lawn after testing the soil and determining its needs
  • Watering turf grass properly

Lawn maintenance is not very easy but requires dedication and experience. Lawn care is a complex issue, but there are a few steps you can always take to get positive results.
Here are a few basic steps that you need to follow for the care and maintenance of your lawn:

  1. Mowing – Mowing is not just cutting grass every weekend. It is more than that. Mowing is the first step to getting a perfect lawn. Do you know the length of the grass that will be the perfect height? It is usually around three inches. Less than this will create stress, prohibit growth of the root and prevent food storage. Remember, the right time to mow the grass is when it is just damp. If it is too wet, then the blades can't cut cleanly.
  2. Watering – When you are watering the lawn, you have to ensure that the water spreads evenly. Don't just turn on the sprinkler and sit in the shade. Most lawns need about an inch of water in a week, though that can vary depending on your weather and location. Also, you should never water your lawn during the day. The best time is early morning or at night so that the water reaches the root. Don't forget to take note of the weather before you water. Your lawn needs more watering in the summer months and rarely any watering in the monsoon.
  3. Using Lawn Fertilizer – After watering your lawn regularly, you expect the grass to grow well. But, you need to feed it with nutrients too. A good lawn fertilizer will provide the grass with the nutrients that it needs for a healthy and strong growth. Feed the lawn about four times in a year so that it can fight the stress caused due to environmental changes.
  4. Preventing Problems – If you can prevent problems, then you won't have to correct them. Maintain them consistently. Whenever you see bare spots, repair them. Weed them and apply pre-emergent herbicides to deal with weeds. The soil should also be aerated annually.

Apart from these, there are a few basic lawn care tips that you must follow. Understand the basic principles of maintaining a healthy lawn. You can, of course, choose any kind of grass for your lawn but it would be best to choose turf grass that is suited for all kinds of weather. You grow grass suited to the weather in your area to make that it will thrive. Follow the steps for maintenance of turf grass here:


  • Clean the area by raking fallen leaves. This will ensure that the grass gets sufficient sunlight. If there are holes in the lawn, fill them. Use grass similar to what you already have.
  • Test the soil regularly to check its health. Check the pH levels of the soil and use turf fertilizer accordingly. If the pH level shows high phosphorous levels in the soil, you can use a turf fertilizer that is phosphorous free. This is also the best lawn fertilizer for your grass.
  • Remember that you should never water the lawn immediately after fertilizing it. The water will wash away the fertilizer.

Maintain the lawn and keep it green so that it looks attractive while improving its environmental impact. In fact, it will even make the lawn more efficient.
Following these tips will keep your lawn healthy and green. But, if you find that you are unable to find the time to maintain it yourself, contact a professional lawn care company to help keep your lawn maintained. The company will mow the lawn when needed and ensure that you get the best lawn fertilizer service when the need arises.


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