Lawn Aerators and Aeration Services

A lawn aerator or aeration services can do wonders for your yard. Proper aeration is essential for keeping your grass healthy and springy.

Verify That Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Your lawn may be the victim of lots of foot traffic or may be clay-filled and trodden down by people, pets, and vehicles. If you have noticed any of these things, or that your grass is not up to par, or that water is not going down into the soil, your lawn may need aeration. Lawn aeration is a covert and often overlooked technique to help maintain a lawn that is beautiful and healthy. Aeration consists of creating holes in the sod and earth by pushing a shaft into it or by taking out soil plugs.

You are able to offer key benefits to the lawn and the lawn’s root system when you aerate your lawn. You provide oxygen to the roots of the grass and let the soil take in air. You provide the root system will much need nutrients and fertilizer. Water can saturate the soil and provides the root system needed moisture. Soil that is compressed is loosed to let the root on the grass spread out.

Get Ready to Aerate the Lawn

Now that you know that aeration is necessary for the lawn, you need to determine which what is necessary to prepare the lawn for aeration. Water the grass for at least two days prior to aeration. Let no more than one inch of water flow onto the grass. This amount can be precisely measured utilizing an empty flat can such as a cat food can in the middle of the area where you are applying the water. When the can is full you will done with the watering. This assists the lawn aerator in breaking through the soil and taking out cores of soil. Mark the sprinkler heads and things that may be hidden in your grass so that you can steer clear of them when you operate the aerator in this area.

Aerate the Grass

When it comes to tools for the soil there are a couple of choices. One can use a hand aerator that has two or four cylinders that can dig in the dirt and make holes. An aerator that can remove plugs of dirt is optimal. The hand tools are effective, but require a lot of work and can take hours to fully implement. In most cases, you’ll want an aerator that is powered with electricity can be borrowed from a company that does rents tools. This tool is especially effective for use on lawns that are medium sized or larger.

Steps to Take after Aerating

The cores that were removed by the aerator can either be left on top of the ground to decompose or they can be raked up and disposed of. They tend to be unsightly, but will usually dissolve after a littler lawn watering or rain fall. After doing this, the ground is now prepared for fertilizer and grass seeds. This is the optimum time for planting because the soil is turned up and ready to go.

If you have questions about when to aerate your lawn, try doing it regularly during the spring and fall. If you have grass that grows in the colder months of the year, August through October is the best time because this is the time that the grass begins to grow. However, if you have grass that begins to grow during the warm months, the best time to aerate is between April and June. Do a little research on the type of grass you’re looking to grow to determine best aerating practices.< /p>

Contact a professional lawn aeration service if the job is too large for you or you are not really sure about how to do it properly. The lawn aeration service will complete the job for you promptly and correctly. You can sit back and enjoy your beautiful lawn without the stress of aerating on your own.


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