Compadre Zoysia for Luxurious Lawns

For homeowners in a warm climate, Compadre zoysia works very well as a turf grass for building a thick, luxurious lawn. Zoysia grass has long been a favorite of turf professionals for golf courses, parks and sports fields. Compadre, or "companion" zoysia has been an extremely popular choice for residential use since its introduction.

Compadre grows well from seed and is easy to grow and maintain. It can also be planted as plugs in an already-established fescue lawn. As long as a few important things are kept in mind, even a first-time homeowner can quickly be on the way to a vibrant, deep green lawn.

Plant at the Right Time of Year

Be sure to plant Compadre at least six weeks after the last frost of winter. It''s a warm-season grass that won''t establish well in winter or fall. To be sure the time is right, check the soil temperature, which should be consistently above 70 degrees for best results. The same rule holds true, whether you''re broadcasting seed or planting plugs.

Prepare the Ground

For a brand-new lawn, rake and grade the site thoroughly for even distribution of soil and good drainage. Even out high and low spots, removing rocks and stones as you go. Water the site the day before planting so that it''s evenly moist.

Broadcasting Seed

Compadre zoysia should be spread at a ratio of 1-2 lbs per 1,000 square feet. A seed spreader is easy to find at a home improvement store and should work just fine. After broadcasting the seed, run over it with a roller so the seeds make full contact with the soil. This type of zoysia germinates quickly!

Water Frequently at First

Light sprinkling several times a day is a good idea, especially if it''s hot. Do this until the fine green mist of germinated grasses appears. After that, watering can be done less frequently. Once established, Compadre is very drought and stress resistant. It grows underground through rhizomes and stolons, and will quickly outcompete any weeds that sprout along with it.


Mowing at the right time and height is also important for a healthy zoysia lawn. Be sure that mower blades are good and sharp to avoid the "browning" that comes from poorly cut grass. Set the blade height so that no more than one-third of the total height of the grass blades is cut. Leave clipped grass in the lawn so that it can return to the soil as fertilizer.

Many homeowners in the southern U.S. enjoy the easy maintenance and good looks of Compadre zoysia. Be sure to call a reputable lawn care professional for special tips and local information on this great lawn grass!


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